Dream Boogie : The Triumph of Sam Cooke par Peter Guralnick

Samedi 1 Octobre 2005

Little Brown and Company
Octobre 2005

Dream Boogie : The Triumph of Sam Cooke par Peter Guralnick
Langue : Anglais
Format : Relié - 748 pages
ISBN : 0316377945
Dimensions (en cm) : 4 x 16 x 25

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. There's no real substitute for the sound of Sam Cooke's music, but the detailed descriptions of his recordings throughout this masterful biography are the next best thing to wearing headphones while you read. Guralnick's first book after a two-volume bio of Elvis honors Cooke's (1931–1964) musical genius, especially his ability to grasp the changing music scene of the late 1950s and early '60s. For those who only know the singer through his pop hits—"You Send Me"; "Twistin' the Night Away"—the extensive account of his childhood background in gospel music will prove fascinating, and the evocation of the harsh realities faced by African-American musicians touring the South a powerful reminder of just how explosive this music could be. Yet wide-ranging interviews reveal that behind Cooke's talent and energetic vocal style, many of his peers in the music biz saw a more troubling personality. The biography does not judge, but neither does it hold back on recounting Cooke's ruthless interactions with record companies or the deep rifts in his marriage to his former childhood sweetheart. Guralnick's revelation of the complicated man behind the music ultimately enables readers to rediscover songs like "A Change Is Gonna Come" as even more remarkable than before. Photos. (Oct. 18)
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Guralnick follows his monumental, two-volume Elvis Presley biography with the portrait of another towering musical figure. Sam Cooke achieved massive success in gospel before crossing over to pop with his 1957 smash, "You Send Me." He also made his mark as a songwriter and record-industry entrepreneur and was on a path to even greater renown before his murder in a seedy motel at age 33. Guralnick conducted exhaustive interviews with surviving family and associates and thoroughly mines other... lire la suite

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