El Michels Affair - Sounding Out The City

Lundi 23 Juillet 2007

Truth and Soul
23 juillet 2007

El Michels Affair - Sounding Out The City
Après une sortie en vinyl en 2005, cet album est enfin disponible en CD.
Extraits en écoute sur www.juno.co.uk

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A propos de Truth & Soul

When Soul Fire Records officially retired in 2004, Soul Fire house musicians Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman, started their own label, Truth & Soul, which has now become a label and production house based out of Brooklyn, NY that specializes in creating deep funk and soul music. They have released a slew of 45 and 12 releases by bands such as El Michels Affair, Bama & The Family, Lee Fields & the Expressions, Timothy McNealy, Asiko, Bronx River Parkway, and many more.

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James Brown !
tee-shirt funk inc

James Brown !
tee-shirt funk inc