Mr Pal / Bag'ogrooves - Paris (Dj Pal)

Jeudi 11 Octobre 2007

Mr Pal / Bag'ogrooves - Paris (Dj Pal)
Nom du Groupe / Artist or Band's Name : Mr Pal

Label (si pas de label inscrire : Autoprod) : Bag'ogrooves - Big Cheese Records

Site internet / Website :

Ville / City : Paris

Présentation du groupe / Band Profile (please include current members, what they play, and year they joined band)

Welcome to Bag'o'grooves , the Music Label of Palprod, the soulful spirit Agency from Paris, France.

We evolute in the Rare Grooves Universe & research great applications in soul, jazz, funk, afro beat, pop, latino, easy listening music & culture ... from all around the world.

Powered by DJ Pal since 1990, crate digger & soul jazz funk afro latin music lover, organisator of some funky parties with his Bag'o'Grooves Dj résidence, Big Cheese Records & Play it Kick it ...
Together, they burn all local & international dancefloors !

Enjoy his musical excursion into the 60's & 70's era. He plays Rare Grooves from around the world with a very dancefloor optic project !!! Organisator of the Paris Rare Groove Day with Friends Play it kick it & Modaction, they keep the scene alive. Also Mix dj's, Art direction & Compilations for Big Cheese Records & other Label Organisations.

Musical Graphic designer Too. Explore his universe and go to his Website :

Stay Tuned !

Out records by Dj Pal
Ink audio ( Indestructible ) Maxi
4 Singles (Bagogrooves) 7' Sp
Extended mix (Bagogrooves) CD
Graphic Paintings (Bagogrooves) CD+GOODIES
Funk Fu 2 et 1(Big Cheese Records) CD & LP
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James Brown !
tee-shirt funk inc

James Brown !
tee-shirt funk inc