Al Green Best of + DVD

Mercredi 22 Février 2006

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Septembre 2005

Al Green Best of + DVD
Edition DeLuxe des Greatest Hits d'Al Green avec en bonus DVD :

1. Let's Stay Together [DVD][Live]
2. You Ought to Be with Me [DVD][Live]
3. Love and Happiness [DVD][Live]
4. Simply Beautiful [Acoustic][Live][Multimedia Track]
5. Rainin' in My Heart [Acoustic][Live][Multimedia Track]
6. I Can't Stop [DVD]

Tracklisting CD :

1. Tired of Being Alone
2. Call Me (Come Back Home)
3. I'm Still in Love with You
4. Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
5. Love and Happiness
6. Let's Stay Together
7. I Can't Get Next to You
8. You Ought to Be with Me
9. Look What You Done for Me
10. Let's Get Married
11. Livin' for You
12. Sha la La (Make Me Happy)
13. L-O-V-E (Love)
14. Full of Fire
15. Belle



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